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30X Orange Sticks

30X Orange Sticks

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Thirst drinks mix, made with real juice powder. bursting with flavor, refreshing as they are energising. This 30 stick pack provides a convenient and tasty way to prevents dehydration and fatigue, ideal for people on the go, athletes, and busy lifestyles. A perfect addition to your water bottle. This refreshing hydration drink mix hydrates better than water alone. Our hydration sticks contains 4 key electrolytes to help replace those lost when you sweat.

Each Thirst stick contains:

* Only 12 Calories

* 500mg Of Sodium

* 200mg Potassium

* 60mg of Magnesium

* 40mg Calcium

Pour, shake, Hydrate

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What are shipping times, and do we ship to the Uk?

Orders placed before 12pm, Monday-Friday are dispatched on the same day via DPD. Next day delivery in Ireland, UK is 1-3 days, same for EU countries. Also for our UK friends, No custom or import fees either, we got you covered ;) Don't forget also, Shipping is free.

When should I drink THIRST?

THIRST electrolyte drink mix, serves various needs and we've received diverse feedback on its usage. Primarily, it's popular first thing in the morning or about 30 minutes prior to a workout, intense activity, or when mental focus is key.

An essential point to remember: being proactive in replacing lost electrolytes is more effective than trying to catch up afterward. We encourage everyone to discover their optimal timing and approach, and we're eager to hear your experiences. Your feedback helps us continually improve and tailor our product to best serve your needs!

Can I use after a long day, heavy night or hungover?

Absolutely! Thirst, our electrolyte drink mix, can be a fantastic support after a long day, a heavy night, or when dealing with a hangover. Its replenishing qualities can help rehydrate and restore essential electrolytes lost during periods of dehydration, providing a boost to help you recover more comfortably. Many users find it beneficial for such occasions, as it aids in rehydration and assists in replenishing the body's vital nutrients, helping you feel more refreshed.

How many packs of THIRST can I drink per day?

Determining the right intake of Thirst sticks per day varies for each person. It's crucial to remember that Thirst serves as a supplement for electrolytes and shouldn't be your sole source in a day. While there's no universal rule, clinical data suggests aiming for 4-6g of sodium, 1-3g of potassium, and 250-500mg of magnesium daily from different sources, preferably from whole foods.

Many find that 1-2 packets a day suit their needs, particularly based on their activity levels. However, some individuals might require more. It's essential to find what works best for you while keeping in mind a balanced approach to electrolyte intake from various sources.